Larry proved of no help tonight.

They say that the best business ideas are born out of a sense of grievance; an idea for that thing that is bugging you. So far I only got the idea to start my own lingerie label as there are no bras out there for awesometastic skinny-but-curvy ladies. We need more, though.
I have put on ‘Curb’, with Larry David. He has on average about 4-5 grievances per episode, and usually it’s about small things. A very fertile ground for new business ideas, because as always the devil is in the details. Those minor little nasty things that start to f** around when they need not to.
All Larry brought to the table tonight was a dating service that sets you up with unattractive ladies so you seem more reliable, a one-armed cab hauling service and a ski that comes in two pieces, which you then can assemble on the spot. Larry proved of no help tonight.
The bugging thing is a good lead, though. Many things bug me. The easiest thing to deal with them is usually something like chocolate, or a blowtorch, but maybe there is an invention out there that can be of help when things go pearshaped.
  1. A fast-lane for the sidewalk. I need one of these, and quick. When the masses move at a glacial pace and there is no way out other than to jump in front of a bus, we need a fast lane. For those people who want to go home at the end of the day.
  2. Vety-scissors. Maybe this one is too Finland-specific. But I would like there to be a device out there that helps me cut my meatpies beautifully and without a hassle. Without them falling apart and exploding in the microwave.
  3. Something with a magnet. I lost the initial idea here, but I will try to circle back to it later. Magnets are cool, though

Are you getting my point? Am I bugging you? Good! Now let’s drum up some business.